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Cats Lock - Saving the nation from cat-related keyboard disasters.

Campaign Recognition:

No one really knows why cats sit on keyboards, but we do know that when it does, your cat is probably about to ruin everything.

So we created a simple download for Mac and Windows that allowed users to designate any button to immediately disable their keyboard, and stop any damage being done by their cat.

We teamed up with an ex-Disney animator to bring our launch film to life, and gave away stickers on-pack that branded thousands of keyboards around the country. No cats were harmed in the making and downloading of Cats Lock.

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The Cats Lock application was developed natively for both the Windows and Mac platforms.

Branded Cats Lock stickers were given out on-pack during the campaign, hi-jacking keyboards up and down the country.


We also created a series of outdoor ads by taking online conversations and ruining them with 'cat-type'