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Rubles For Ukraine

Getting 40 artists to deface Russian Rubles to make a 1/1 NFT collection - with 100% sales going towards aid in Ukraine.

Making Rubles bills worthless to Russia, and valuable to Ukraine.

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the Ruble plummeted become almost worthless. Having since recovered, we wanted to take this once worthless currency and turn it into canvases - to make the official currency of Russia more valuable to the country they're invading. So we gathered a collection of artists from around the to create this one-of-a-kind NFT collection , all physically designed on Russian rubles, and digitised into tokens.

Each artwork is created on real fiat money from Russia. By minting, you get an NFT as well as access to the physical artwork.

100% of the primary sale will go to’s humanitarian-aid efforts in Ukraine— providing much needed shelter, food, water and financial relief for people affected by the war.

The collection is currently being created by our artists, and we have a handful of pieces already finished and ready to be minted in late July 2022. We are continually growing the roster of artists that are contributing pieces to the project with the hopes that more and more web3 artists get behind the cause.


Each physical piece is being digitised and turned into NFT's that will be available to mint.