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Launching Toasted Bites to a Gen Z's  with a bite-sized campaign.

Campaign Recognition:

When going after the 'yoots', it was apparent that we couldn't just make ads and expect them to like Subway.

So instead, we bombarded our audience across their entire digital landscape with one single word: "BIIITES". Delivered in a way that was short enough not to be annoying, but disruptive enough not to be ignored.

From 'unskippable' 3 second in-feed ads, to TikTok challenges, to 5 second cinema ads, Snapchat Lenses, and 1 word YouTuber ad-reads, we embedded an entire 'bite-sized' campaign into the lives and brains of Gen Z's.


FINALIST - Best Growth Strategy 

Our 3 second TikTok ads got the same level of engagement as some of the UK's most popular organic content on that day. And over 2000 people commented the word "BiTeS" on our ad - not sure why, but we'll take it as a sign of success.

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